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CMG Booking and Me! Exciting News!

cmg booking logo I have some exciting news to share with you! Most of you know me for my writing, as followers of my blog. But, I am also a public speaker on the Catholic faith. I’ve been doing it for a couple of years now on a local level. However, today I am happy to announce that I have joined the Catholic Media Group, better known as CMG Booking. Now, with their assistance, I can take my speaking engagements on the road, to visit your parish!

For the past ten years, this organization has connected Catholic event organizers with gifted Catholic speakers and musicians to bring engaging talent to religious conferences/conventions, as well as to parishes. To join this elite group, the speaker must first go through a rigorous vetting process, where certain conditions must be met. For this reason, CMG Booking has become a trusted resource for those parishes and religious organizations, seeking to offer education, inspiration, motivation and truth to the faithful.

With CMG Booking, event organizers are guaranteed that the hired speaker:

  • offers material true to the teachings of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church
  • is considered a Catholic in good standing
  • has a proven track record.

Connect with Me Through CMG Booking

I am honored and excited about this opportunity to work with such a fine group of people. I look forward to bringing my presentations to a conference, convention or parish near you! You can learn more about what I have to offer, as well as what all of the other talented speakers showcase, by visiting CMG Booking’s website. Let CMG Booking save you much time and effort, by pre-screening your next speaker or musician.

Who knows, maybe your next speaker will be me! I sure hope so! Click here, to read my profile and learn how you can book me for your next engagement.

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