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Chasing Liberty, by Theresa Linden – Finding Authentic Freedom

Chasing Liberty - authentic freedom Chasing Liberty, by Theresa Linden, is the first in a dystopian trilogy of books centered around a young woman. Liberty resides in futuristic Aldonia; a city where authentic freedom, familial love and objective truth have been squashed by government forces aimed at controlling the population. Without the freedom to grow up in a family with a mother and father, Liberty tries to make her own way in a society that allows little choice.

As Liberty approaches adulthood, she is told by the government what her vocation will be: that of breeder. Apparently, she has exquisite genes and intelligence; so great, that the government decided that she would spend her fertile years giving birth to as many children as possible, via in vitro fertilization. She would never know if the children she carried were her own. In addition, she would be the nanny for groups of them for the first five years of their lives. Once the children reach the age of five, they relocate to another facility (like orphans) for further training.

Something within Liberty tells her that this is just plain wrong. Without using the terminology, Linden masterfully shows how Natural Law and the use of conscience enables each of us to know right from wrong; even with a government attempting to dull one’s conscience via brainwashing.

Finding Authentic Freedom

As Liberty nears her entrance date to begin her vocation, her anxiety increases. She knows that once inside the breeder facility, there is no getting out. Electric fences surround the facility, with virtually no way to escape. However, here is where the book takes an interesting turn. Enter Dedrick, a fine young man, who is a member of the resistance group. He has designs on getting Liberty out of the breeder facility and bringing her to freedom – real authentic freedom. Liberty wants that too. But can Dedrick really pull it off? What dangers will they face, together, as they make the break for freedom? What would life be like on the outside?

Inquiring minds will need to read the book to find out. I don’t want to give the middle or ending away. I want to give you just enough info to whet your appetite, so that you will want to read this story for yourself. If you would like to get your copy of Chasing Liberty, then click here.

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