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Charity to the Rescue


Charity 2Who is Charity Livingstone?

Charity Livingstone is only three years old, but she is spunky, loyal, and determined to get what she wants. She and her family recently moved into the neighborhood, where they met their next door neighbor, Mr. Gabriel. Charity really liked him, because he raises puppies!

Ever since Charity moved into her new house, she had her eye on getting a puppy, but Mama and Daddy said no, because there was too much going on with their new house. Well that wasn’t going to stop her from playing with Mr. Gabriel’s puppies. He said she could come by any time she liked. So she did!

One day, she snuck out of the house, and went next door. Charity just had to see her favorite puppy because he loved to give her kisses. When she got to the kennel, she didn’t see the puppy with the yellow ribbon (the unique color of each ribbon identified the puppies one from another). “Oh no,” Charity said, “Where is MY puppy?” She looked all around, checking the different colored ribbons on every puppy but couldn’t find the yellow-ribboned puppy. Her heart sank, and she began to whimper, thinking He’s gone!

As she sat in the middle of the kennel crying, she began to hear a different kind of whimper other than her own. It sounded like a puppy’s whimper. She followed the sound and went around to the other side of the kennel, near the fence. Caught trying to escape the kennel was the puppy with the yellow ribbon. “There you are,” said Charity. “Were you trying to come over to my house to see me?” she asked the puppy. His tail wagged at the sight of her, but he was still stuck. The yellow ribbon was caught on the fence link. She unhooked the ribbon and set the dog free, only to receive kisses on her face! Charity was beginning to learn about love from her yellow-ribboned puppy.

I hope you enjoyed this “back-story” to Adventures of Faith, Hope, and Charity: Finding Patience. You can learn more about the book and how to get your signed copy here.

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