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A Blessed Happy Easter to everyone! I hope the day was a joyous one for all. So, how did you do with your homework assignment? What type of act of love did you perform, in Jesus’ name, these past few days as we embraced the joy of the Resurrection of Our Lord? How did you thank Jesus for His sacrificial act of self-giving love performed on your behalf? Today’s post is all about you sharing your experiences. Today you get a reprieve from me pontificating about the virtues. The comments section below is meant for you to leave comments. I’m all ears!

In our next reflection, we’ll discuss why we perform acts of charity. Don’t miss it!

3 Responses to Charity in Action

  • I would never ask anyone to do an assignment, if I were not willing to do so myself. So I will start the ball rolling. I decided that I would call my two sisters and one brother to wish them a Happy Easter. Now many of you would say what’s the big deal with that, we all do that! Well, I am not one for making phone calls. I do not talk with my siblings very often, even on holidays. So this was a big deal for me. I was able to reach one sister, and we had a great talk! I had to leave messages for my other siblings. For the sister that I could reach, I could hear that she was pleasantly surprised to hear from me, and that made me feel great. My other sister called back when I was not available and left me a message. I will be sure to call her today. So, how would I describe my feelings about my effort and experience? One word – peace! Why? Because I knew that I had done a good thing with the right intentions, and that’s what the virtues are all about.

  • I drove my daughter to JFK Airport to catch her flight to Utah for a visit with her best friend. That is something I do for no one else on Earth! She phoned to say she’d arrived safely – I’m happy.

    • Knowing the NY/NJ traffic, that was quite an experience! God bless you for doing that for Claire. And she’s going to Utah – what a wonderful place to visit! Having lived there for four years, Utah holds a very special place in my heart. It makes me happy to hear that someone I know is getting an opportunity to see what I got to experience for four great years. I hope she has a lovely time.

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