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Champions of the Rosary – Book Review

Champions of the RosaryIt’s one thing to “say” the Rosary. It’s quite another thing to “know” the Rosary. In Champions of the Rosary, by Donald H. Calloway, MIC, we not only learn how to “say” the Rosary, but we also learn of its history, as well as of those greats who came before us who championed the recitation of the Rosary. Most importantly, Fr. Calloway communicates to us WHY we should say the Rosary.

The Rosary is a spiritual weapon, a heavenly sword, fashioned by the hands of the Divine Craftsman. 1

Fr. Calloway takes great pains to explain that the Rosary is a gift from God, given to St. Dominic via a visitation from the Blessed Mother. It is God, Himself, who designed the Rosary.

It would take centuries to make the weapon, but, once completed, it would have the power to slay the malicious dragon since it would be equipped with the only thing capable of defeating him – the saving mysteries of the God Man. 2

Fr. Calloway teaches us that it is the faithful’s recitation of the Rosary that defeats evil in this world. Satan knows and understands the power of the Rosary and he detests it. He has attempted everything in his power to get us NOT to believe in the power of the Rosary. However, “the weapon can never be destroyed. It is the rosary sword of the Queen!3

Learn the History of the Rosary

Champions of the Rosary walks us through the detailed history of the life of the Rosary from the visitation of Mary to St. Dominic in the early 13th century, through to the 20th century when St. Pope John Paul II created the Luminous Mysteries covering the ministerial life of Jesus.

Then Fr. Calloway devotes an entire section of the book to highlight the contributions of 26 saints and holy people, who have promoted the recitation of the rosary throughout its history; from Saint Dominic, to Saint Louis de Monfort, to John Paul II – just to mention a few.

Fr. Calloway finishes the book with an entire section on how to pray the Rosary devoutly, along with a beautiful full color selection of Rosary artwork.

Why You Should Get a Copy of Champions of the Rosary

If you desire to “know” the Rosary, its history, its Champions and a more devout way to use this weapon against evil, then I highly recommend reading Champions of the Rosary. To get your copy, click here.


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