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Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week

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Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness

Once again, it is Random Acts of Kindness week. It is always held around Valentine’s Day, as kindness is associated with the virtue of love. I’m a big fan of Random Acts of Kindness Week, because it always brings me and others great joy to do something nice for someone else, expecting nothing in return.

Here are seven suggestions, for seven days in the week, on how you can participate in Random Acts of Kindness Week. Maybe you could try one suggestion each day:

  1. Surprise the love of your life with a special meal; perhaps it involves home cooking your love’s favorite foods, or perhaps it is dinner at your love’s favorite restaurant. Either way, the love of your life will be made to feel great.
  2. Refrain from scolding your children/spouse and exert patience along with kindness. Sometimes it is better to be kind than to be right.
  3. Call that best friend that you haven’t spoken to in ages. Let that friend know how much he/she means to you. The surprise phone call will brighten his/her day.
  4. Check in on your elderly neighbor to see if he/she is okay and if he/she needs anything from the store. Your visit and assistance might be the only interaction with other people this person has had in awhile.
  5. Pitch in at work and offer your time and talent to a co-worker who might be struggling. Your tutelage and time will most likely be met with gratitude.
  6. Hold the door open for mothers with strollers and people in wheelchairs. Smile at passersby on the street. Give someone a ride to the doctor’s office. Such acts relieve stress for others, but cost you nothing.
  7. Now expand outward to the oppressed and suffering; those on the margins of society. A mere acknowledgement of their presence, a smile, a kind word can give hope to the otherwise hopeless.

As this week unfurls, I would love to hear your stories of random acts of kindness, done for you, or for others. Please share.

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