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Heading to the Catholic Writers Guild Conference

Catholic Writers GuildThis week I head north to Lancaster, PA to attend the annual Catholic Writers Guild (CWG) Conference (8/1 to 8/3/18). I’m looking forward to spending time with my fellow Catholic authors and publishers, as this conference gives writers an awesome chance to network with skilled professionals. My ability to review many of the books you’ve read about, on this website, results from the development of personal relationships, cultivated with quality Catholic authors and publishers.

This week holds great promise for me. I will be speaking at one of the breakout sessions on The Reality of Self-Publishing. This is my opportunity to “pay it forward,” by sharing my experience of entering the self-publishing business. My goal is to share with others some lessons learned, so that they can be successful.

At this conference, Pete Socks, host of Off the Shelf, on Breadbox Media, will interview me. This interview gives me an opportunity to reach a wider audience and share my passion for teaching children the virtues via my children’s book.

Consider Joining the Catholic Writers Guild

If you are Catholic, with a love for writing, you should consider joining the Catholic Writers Guild. You need not be a published author to join. All you need is to be Catholic and love writing. When you join, you will find that many doors open wide for you. The benefits received are like blessings, making the $40 annual membership priceless! Here’s a link to the Catholic Writers Guild website. Check it out!

With all the hobnobbing I’ll be doing this week, there will be no post from me this Wednesday. But, I’ll be back at the keyboard Monday morning. In the meantime, I ask for your prayers for safe travels.

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