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I just wanted to let everyone know that I have opened an account on Pinterest under virginialieto.com.

Easiest way to access my boards on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/virginialieto/

I will be exporting “excerpts” of my thrice weekly posts to Pinterest. I created boards for the virtues of Faith, Hope, Charity and Prudence to date. As we cover additional virtues, I will create more boards.

I also have  a board called “Inspiration” which provides uplifting quotes related to the virtues. You won’t find these quotes on the website or on Facebook for the most part because they are designed for pinning to a board (no article written by me is attached).

I also have a board dedicated to children’s books to encourage Continue reading

Does Goodness Depend on God?

Father Barron

I saw this syndicated article in my local Catholic newspaper. It is an excellent article from Father Robert Barron on goodness’ dependence on God. – A must read!

Does Goodness Depend on God?

One of the commonest observations made by opponents of religion is that we don’t need God to have a coherent and integral morality. Atheists and agnostics are extremely sensitive to the charge that the rejection of God will conduce automatically to moral chaos. Consequently, they argue that a robust sense of ethics can be grounded in the consensus of the human community over time or in the intuitions and sensibilities of decent people, etc.

What I would like to do is lay out, in very brief compass, Continue reading

The New Martyrdom



I wanted to share the following article from Saint Joseph’s College of Maine’s Theology Blog, written by Dr. Carmina Chapp, an instructor in the Theology program, and follower of this website. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!


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The New Martyrdom

Everyone is talking about the New Evangelization. In the spirit of the Second Vatican Council (the reason for the Council, in this author’s humble opinion), it is a missionary effort to bring the Gospel to a modern, secular world which has, for the most part, rejected, ignored, or at best, compartmentalized it for its own purposes.

I love Pope John XXIII’s Continue reading

A Theology Blog – Worth the Read


I want to introduce you to a new blog hosted by Saint Joseph’s College of Maine, where the bloggers are my professors. They are a group of highly educated, gifted professors who have so much to share, that they have created their own website to blog about Catholic Theology. Each professor will cover different topics, based upon their expertise. I highly recommend this new site to my followers. You can read the inaugural blog post at: