Evangelizing through the Catholic Arts

Faith Seeks Understanding

Faith Seeks UnderstandingWouldn’t you like to know God better? If the answer is yes, then your faith is calling for a deeper understanding of God’s revelation (the totality of His divine plan and the mysteries of faith). This can be accomplished through reading of Scripture, regular attendance at a Bible Study Group meeting, going to Church regularly, speaking to a learned religious person.

The more that you get to know someone that you love, the greater that love is for that person. The same is true for our relationship with God. The more that we seek to understand Him, the more we will learn about Him and love Him. He will, in turn, grace us with increased faith, and the cycle will Continue reading

Belief in the Unseen

Faith in God

In the “What is Faith?” post I had said, “We cannot believe, or respond as an act of faith without first having been given the grace from God to do so.” Since God graces us with the gift of faith, we are able to use our intellect and free will to believe in the unseen, where “Believing is an act of the intellect assenting to the divine truth by command of the will moved by God through grace” (Saint Thomas Aquinas ST II-II q.2, a.9).

We are invited to believe, but we are not forced to believe in God. With faith and reason (our intellect), God also gave us free will – to believe or not to believe. Continue reading

Why Should We Embrace Faith?

Embrace FaithFaith flows forth from the First Commandment: “I am the Lord your God…You shall have no other gods before me” (Deuteronomy 5:7). In the two way relationship that we spoke of last time, God wants nothing to get between Him and our personal relationship with Him. Our relationship with Him is that important! Many times we can put the “love” of something else first; possibly money, power, fame, etc. However, if we place our relationship with God first and foremost above everything else in life, then we acknowledge His authority and accept His words revealed through Sacred Scripture.

You might recall the story of the rich young man who asked Jesus, “Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal Continue reading

What is Faith? Why is Faith Important?


Let’s start with a definition of faith. It is both a gift from God, infused in us at birth, and a human act of response. By infused at birth, I mean that God gave us the capability to believe in Him when we were born. We cannot believe, or respond as an act of faith without first having been given the grace from God to do so.

Most people have heard the famous line from the Bible, “I was blind, but now I see” (John 9:25). On the surface, yes a blind man is given the gift of sight by Jesus. The analogy of this parable is that without faith we cannot see the truth on our own, but with Continue reading