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Moral Choices Require Prayer and Discernment

Moral ChoicesWhen faced with difficult moral choices, where there seems to be only sinful options, prayer and discernment will see you through. Take for example, a relative dying from cancer. Everything that could be done to save this relative’s life has been done. Death is immanent. A decision needs to be made as to whether to give a heavy dose of morphine to the relative. If you allow the doctor to give the morphine to your dying relative, death will surely hasten. If you do not allow the doctor to give the morphine to your relative, death will eventually come, but the patient will die in excruciating pain. What do you do?

Making Difficult Moral Choices

We can apply the Principle Continue reading

Take Time for Discernment

Time for DiscernmentWhen you need to make a big decision, do you take time for discernment? Do you gather all the facts and weigh your options? It is important to make the time to discern the appropriate course of action when facing life-altering decisions. As a Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) Coordinator, I see all too often, those wishing to become Catholic wanting to rush through the process. I get questions like, “What’s the big deal?” “Why do I have to wait?” Using RCIA as an example, let me explain why it is important to gather all the facts and weigh all options. My example could apply to anything occurring in your life as well.

Take Time for Discernment

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Practicing Discernment – Part IV of IV


Pillar #1 – Faith! Pillar #2 – Prayer! Pillar #3 – Reason! What is the fourth and final pillar in the discernment process? Patience! Going back to my example of my home purchase from 2010 (from my last post), great patience was required. We had sold the old house; had a closing date, and five days before closing, we find that our buyers wouldn’t be getting their mortgage. Now, we already had our bid accepted to buy our next home and a closing date set to correspond with the sale of our old house. We were packed and ready to go! When things fell through on the sale of the old house I began to wonder if I had Continue reading

Practicing Discernment – Part III of IV

Faith and Reason

In the discernment process: Pillar #1 – Faith! Pillar #2 – Prayer! What is pillar #3? Pillar three is Reason! Ideas and proposals can come flying at you, but if you do not apply reason to your decision making process, you may not make a prudent decision. Back in 2010, my husband and I were living in an area of Charlotte, NC that was, frankly, going downhill. Crime was on the rise, and I got to a point where I didn’t feel safe living there any longer. So, my husband and I decided to put our house up on the market and move. Hmm – where to move? First thing I did was seek the counsel of the Holy Spirit. Continue reading

Practicing Discernment – Part II of IV

Qualifying the Called

Once we have responded to God with an act of Faith, what is the second pillar needed to practice discernment? The second pillar is prayer. Many times people ask for what they want, rather than to learn what God wills for them. Whatever it is that He asks of us, or wants for us, He will qualify us for the calling, which reminds me of that often quoted phrase “God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called.” It is when we align our will to that of God, that we will be qualified to do the Lord’s will. Always keep in mind that He sees the full master plan and we only see the pieces. Therefore, God knows what Continue reading

Practicing Discernment – Part I of IV

Discernment Trust in God

What does it take to be successful at practicing discernment? The first pillar to lean on is Faith, and this makes sense since the acquired virtue of discernment falls under the auspices of the theological virtue of Faith. Without faith, what is there to discern? You need faith; you need to believe in God, to care what God thinks about what you do and the decisions that you make, if discernment is to serve its purpose.

The first thing that you need to come to grips with is the fact that you have never been in control. With Faith, you understand that it is God who is the one with all of the control. Every time we think we are Continue reading

Why Embrace Discernment?

What God thinks

If you need to make a life-altering decision, wouldn’t you want to know what God has to say on the matter? Embracing discernment means that you care what God thinks about what you should do! Discerning God’s will for us will lead us to making better decisions for our life’s journeys. It’s that simple. Do you care what God thinks about what you do?

Here’s a very short video that speaks about discernment, letting us know that discernment is more than deciding on a vocation in life, with food for thought as to why you should embrace this virtue.

If you care about what God thinks regarding the life-altering decisions of your life’s journey, then you will want to read Continue reading

Discernment with the Holy Spirit

Jer 2911 Discernment is the use of your intellect to recognize the counsel of the Holy Spirit. It is through faith, much prayer, the application of reason and listening, that we determine the will of the Holy Spirit. How do we know if we hear correctly? When we apply the good counsel of the Holy Spirit to our decision making process, we obtain peace with our decision. With the use of the Holy Spirit’s counsel, He gives us His peace.

Discernment with the Holy Spirit

Back in 2009-2010, I was getting restless in my career as a Technology Audit Manager. I kept feeling that there must be something else for me to do. I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in my position. That was Continue reading