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Experiencing Doubt? Seek Confidence in God

Seek ConfidenceWhen I speak of seeking confidence, I am not referring to confidence in anything humanity has to offer. Confidence in one’s own abilities is fleeting. Any confidence one might have in others is subject to disappointment as a result of selfishness. Instead, I suggest that we all need to seek confidence in God. So, when you experience doubt, confusion, and distress, seek confidence in what God can do for you.

God is omnipotent (all powerful), omniscient (all-knowing) and omnipresent (ever present). Our Lord knows what is best for you and has the power to make things happen for you. He knows your future, and what you need. Also, He never leaves your side. He walks the journey with you, guiding Continue reading

Place Your Confidence in Christ

Confidence in Christ In what do you place your confidence? Might it be your own knowledge? Your abilities to conquer any situation? Where does Christ fit into the equation? Do you face this world on your own, or do you place your confidence in Christ?

When we place our confidence in Christ, we are in essence doing the following:

  1. Acknowledging Christ’s omnipotence (all-powerful Being), His omniscience (all-knowing), and His omnipresence (ability to be present everywhere). This requires some humility, acknowledging our own limitations.
  2. Trusting in His promise to always be by our sides, guiding us (Matt 28:20). This requires some faith, acknowledging His existence and Presence, as well as God’s desire to be in a relationship with each of us.
  3. Trusting Continue reading

Practice Confidence in God

Practice Confidence

To effectively practice confidence in God and in yourself, step one is to seek the Holy Spirit’s counsel and guidance asking for the virtues/gifts of wisdom, discernment, knowledge and understanding, so that you can better traverse through this journey that we call life. Step two is to pray for increased confidence in God and in yourself. You can do this by asking the Holy Spirit to help you see all the good things going on around you that impact your life. Give thanks to God for your blessings (your loved ones, your needs met, the graces received, etc.). Step three may seem to be the most challenging: Face your doubts and fears, knowing God is right beside you. Perhaps, Continue reading

Confidence in God: Embrace It!

Embrace Confidence


Confidence in God, and ourselves, comes by acknowledging first and foremost that doubts and fears are part of our existence. They act as the prime drivers for lack of confidence in God and ourselves. However, it is how we handle those doubts and fears that make all the difference.

Check out this one minute video on the topic of confidence, and we’ll discuss it on the other side:





Looking at life through a positive lens, aka excitement, rather than a negative lens, aka doubts and fears, changes our perception of any given situation. When we change our perceptions to look at the positives in life, we gain more confidence. I’ll use my own life as Continue reading

Confidence is a Worthy Virtue

With God 2

Confidence, at its most basic level, is hope in God. It is with confidence and hope in Jesus’ salvific action that we will one day be resurrected at the Second Coming of Christ, as promised in 1 Cor. 15:35-58. It is with confidence and hope in God’s promises that we place our trust in Him. He will always give us what we need as noted in Matthew 6:25-34. With these assurances, we traverse through life with confidence. When we place our confidence in God, knowing that He will always be by our side, guiding us in every way, we also begin to gain confidence in ourselves. We believe what Matthew says in Matt 19:26: “With God, all things are Continue reading