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Carrying Our Crosses Can Be a Struggle

Carrying Our Crosses If it was easy to carry our crosses, we would all do it willingly. Instead, it can be a struggle at times. We are all given something to bear in life that we wish we did not have to endure. For me, God gave me clubbed feet. My cross is a visible sign of what I must endure in this life. For others, the cross is invisible to the eye. One might think that a visible cross is tougher to bear, because everyone can see it; but I say, not necessarily so. An invisible cross can be just as crippling as my clubbed feet. A good example of an invisible cross would be mental illness; running the gamut from mild anxiety to schizophrenia.

Carrying Our Crosses for Christ

Whatever your cross may be, know that God is with you always. At the most difficult of times, when life seems so unbearable, He helps you carry your cross. God will never give you more than you can bear. Trust Him. We all have crosses to bear. Yet, by carrying our crosses, Jesus wants us to follow Him as His disciples. In Luke 14:27, Jesus states, “Whoever does not carry his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple.”

Our goal in life is to get to Heaven. Everything we do, every choice we make, impacts our particular judgment. For us to get to Heaven, we must seek to live a Christ-like life; to follow “the Way” of Jesus; to be His Disciple. Therefore, we must pick up our cross and follow Him. Christ suffered on the Cross, because of our sins. The least that we can do, on this earth, is willingly accept our cross, in His name, for His honor, with gratitude for His sacrifice.

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