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Calvary Road – Journey from Judaism to Calvary – Book Review

Calvary RoadCalvary Road, by Marty Barrack, is an interesting memoir/conversion story of Barrack’s conversion from Judaism to Catholicism. Roughly, the first 60% of the book is a memoir of Barrack’s life. We read about Barrack growing up in New York City and meeting the love of his life, Irene.  We learn about Barrack’s profession as a Customs officer. Very little touches on Barrack’s faith. I must admit, as I was reading the book, I kept questioning, “When do we get to the conversion part?”  With the title, Calvary Road, I expected more conversion and less memoir.

However, when I reached page 220, the conversion part kicked into high gear! From that point on, it was a page-turner. Once I came upon the conversion part, I understood why Barrack spent the first 60% of the book on his memoir. It is through Barrack’s memoir, that we see where God was at work in Barrack’s life, unbeknownst to Barrack. God placed him where he needed to be to experience his conversion.

We see Barrack embrace the Catholic faith through the guidance and support of his wife, Irene, a devout Catholic. Barrack, highly educated in Hebrew, shares his wisdom with interpreting a smattering of Scripture, translated from Hebrew to English. His knowledge of the Jewish faith, shared in this book, only helps the reader to better understand the Catholic faith.

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Barrack didn’t simply convert to the Catholic faith, write a book, and stop there. Instead, he established a ministry called Second Exodus, focused on assisting other Jewish people in their quest for Truth. If you are thinking about converting to the Catholic faith, or are interested in reading conversion stories, then I recommend getting your copy of Calvary Road by clicking here.

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