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Prudence – The Guide

Applying Prudence

Why is Prudence so important? Prudence guides the action of the individual so that virtuous action may occur. Prudence alone does not produce virtuous activity, but it does guide the individual to do what is morally right by informing the conscience of appropriate versus inappropriate behavior. Through the gift of Prudence, the individual conscience receives “God’s particular wisdom for …each just, brave and temperate action through the medium of correct moral reasoning.” 1

With your end goal always being Heaven, each individual intention and circumstance of your actions play a pivotal role. Therefore, seek harmony in your acts, intentions and circumstances, with your objective always being to seek the true good in every decision that you make. Do not delude Continue reading

Prudence at Work

Making Decisions

How do you know if the decision you are making is a prudent one? What signs or signals do you receive to know that you are going down the right path?

We draw upon our practical reason to make decisions. We determine our end goal and we look at the steps (or means) necessary to reach that end goal. We employ prudence to evaluate both the means and the end. Will the end goal achieve a good intention? Will the means to achieve that end be morally appropriate as well? If the answer to both questions is yes, conscience arrives at what is deemed a prudent action. If the answer is no to either or both questions, then the conscience Continue reading

What is the Role of Prudence?

Role of Prudence

Have you ever given thought to what takes place when you make a decision? You take stock of your choices and evaluate them as either good or bad, for yourself, and for the common good. You determine your level of interest and/or desire regarding the choices. Your conscience weighs in on the decision making process. It is here, at this point, that prudence plays its role, informing you, via your conscience, of what is morally right and morally wrong. Prudence “assists man in interpreting data of experience and the signs of the times.”1

Let’s use an example: A man needs to get to work, but does not have transportation. He must make a decision – get a ride from Continue reading

What is Prudence?

What is Prudence

Have you ever wondered why or how certain people always seem to make the right decisions? You think, “They must be blessed,” for they never seem to make a mistake. Well these people practice the virtue of Prudence by applying practical reason to their decision making process, so that they may determine the true good every time, as well as choose the proper means for achieving the true good. Proper means to a good end, results in virtuous action – prudent action. To make a prudent decision, a person must know what the desired end goal is and whether that end goal is morally right. Next the person asks himself by what means he can achieve the desired end goal, Continue reading


Faith Hop and Charity

As we close out our reflections on the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity, and before we move on to the cardinal virtues of Prudence, Temperance, Fortitude and Justice, I thought we might take a little breather and sit back and enjoy one of the greatest Christian hymns ever written, sung by one of my favorite artists, accompanied on guitar by one of the best guitarists of all time. I hope you enjoy it!

This song speaks of faith, hope and love. What a wonderful way to end a discussion on the theological virtues!

Next up is the virtue of Prudence. What is Prudence? We’ll discuss that in our next reflection on the virtue of Prudence. Don’t miss it!

Love Fulfills Our Works


God is Love

God is Love

We are all children of the same Father, and as such, that makes us all brothers and sisters of Christ. When we neglect our brothers and sisters, we neglect Christ. On the other hand, when we perform charitable acts with self-giving love for our brothers and sisters in Christ, we give our love to Christ. “Charity enables the Christian to embrace the goodness of God and to love self and neighbor in accord with this goodness and under the impulse of the Holy Spirit.” 1

As brothers and sisters in Christ, we are called to the perfection of charity, meaning that we are all called to holiness. To be holy, we need the gift Continue reading

Why We Perform Acts of Charity



Christ’s self-giving act of charity (love) – His Passion, death and Resurrection, “is the source in us of all our merits before God” 1.  The grace that we receive from Jesus unites us to Him. We aim to live Christ-like lives. Therefore, true acts of charitable love, performed in the name of Jesus, affect the doer’s intentions to love as Jesus loved.  Take for example a person who donates money to a homeless shelter, yet the intention is self-serving: to obtain a tax deduction. If that person was truly united to Christ, with the virtue of Charity graced upon that person, then that same person’s primary rationale for donating money to the homeless shelter would be Continue reading