Evangelizing through the Catholic Arts

Shadow in the Dark – Book Review

Shadow in the DarkShadow in the Dark, Harwood Mysteries Book 1, by Antony Kolenc, promises to be an exciting new series of books about 12th century life in England. This inaugural mystery begins at Hardonbury Manor, ruined by bandits; thus, forcing those still alive to traverse to the nearest manor to seek work and shelter. Amid the destruction of Hardonbury Manor, we meet a young man, fleeing from one of the bandits. Yet, he was not lucky enough to escape. As a result, the bludgeoned young man wakes up from a long slumber with a massive head injury. Upon awakening, he cannot remember his name, his parents, or where he was from, let alone where he is now. He looks Continue reading

Under the Fig Tree, Jesus Asks a Question

Fig treeIn today’s Gospel (John 1:45-51), Jesus is in the process of recruiting his twelve Apostles. Jesus called Philip to follow, who in turn went to Nathanael to tell him about Jesus. Nathanael, the skeptic, doubted anything good could come from Nazareth. Yet, Philip persuaded Nathanael to come and meet Jesus. When the two met, Jesus commented about something that no one else would know. “Before Philip called you, I saw you under the fig tree.” (John 1:48)

Nathanael’s response to this comment is revelatory: “Rabbi, you are the Son of God, you are the king of Israel.” (John 1:49) I have always wondered how Nathanael came to such a conclusion, such a leap of faith. It can only be Continue reading

Ignorance is Not an Excuse!

IgnoranceHave you heard the idiom “Ignorance is not an excuse?” Well, there is some truth to that when it comes to understanding the depths of one’s sins. In the Catholic faith, we even have a specific name for it: Vincible Ignorance. We define Vincible Ignorance as the “lack of knowledge regarding some aspect of the moral law because of a failure of due diligence on our part.” 1 Vincible Ignorance applies when we fail to seek the necessary knowledge and understanding to grasp the consequences of our actions and the negative impact said actions will have on ourselves and others. We are still culpable, but to a lesser extent for lack of knowledge.

Let’s take an example and apply it Continue reading

Go from Greedy to Gracious

Greedy to GraciousExpressing greediness, at the expense of others, is a lonely existence. All you care about is how much money you have, or how you can get more. You erroneously think that money can take the place of love to fill the gaping hole in your heart. You spend too much energy looking in the wrong place. And it does not make you look good. Why? Because greediness is an insidious, unsightly trait. So, rather than living a life filled with greed, become gracious.

Become Gracious

To move from a life of greediness to a life of graciousness, the first step is to acknowledge that you cannot achieve happiness with money. In 1959, Frederick Herzberg proposed his Theory of Motivation, stating Continue reading

Dispel Disrespect from Our Society

Dispel DisrespectDo you know anyone who thinks we are not a divided country? Whether it be based upon political, moral, or religious beliefs, we seem to be a society in disagreement. It is as if everyone walks around with blinders on, refusing to see anyone else’s opinion as valid. With that discounting of another’s opinion, we express disrespect. Well folks, it is time to dispel disrespect.

Time to Dispel Disrespect

I recently had a Facebook exchange with some people who did not like my post on Freedom Comes with Responsibility. In that post, I expressed that we all have the freedom to use our intellect and reason and make decisions. I used the wearing of masks to combat the coronavirus Continue reading

Wrestle Fear with Fortitude

wrestle fearDo you ever feel like your fears have the upper hand? Do you wish that you could approach life differently, where your fears take a back seat and you excel at achieving your dreams? If so, then it is time to wrestle fear with Fortitude!

Wrestle Fear with Fortitude

To get the upper hand on our fears, we need to embrace the virtue of Fortitude, a gift of the Holy Spirit. Fortitude is there for the asking and the Holy Spirit is ready to give it to you. The Catechism of the Catholic Church defines Fortitude as ensuring “firmness in difficulties and constancy in the pursuit of good. It strengthens the resolve to resist temptations and to overcome obstacles Continue reading

How to Ease Our Discontent

ease our discontentIt has been a very unsettling year, dealing with the coronavirus, and the fallout rippling effects of teaching children at home, massive unemployment, and cabin fever! We all seem to be getting to that point where we cannot take much more. And yet, with no end in sight, we most likely will deal with this coronavirus for some time to come. So, how might we ease our discontent and find contentment in these challenging times?

Ease Our Discontent

One way to ease our discontent is to learn how to make do with less. If, like my household, you have an unemployed loved one. because of COVID-19, well, then money is tighter than normal. Consider this: You save money on the Continue reading

Jesus Asks: Why Did You Doubt?

Why Did You DoubtToday we hear the famous Gospel reading of Jesus walking on water (Matt 14:22-36). When Peter hears Jesus telling them not to be afraid, that it is Him, Peter replies, “Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water” (Matt 14:28). Jesus tells Peter to come out to meet Him and Peter does just that. However, Peter sees how strong the wind is blowing, and he begins to sink in the water. What does Jesus say in response to that? “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?”

What was Peter’s Problem?

Why do you think Peter made such a comment, if he did not have the faith needed to follow through Continue reading