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Gentleness Costs Nothing, But Reaps Much!

Gentleness Costs NothingAre you harsh with your words? Do you make others feel diminished at the expense of your temperament? What might that cost you? Some treasured relationships? Maybe, a promotion? There is a cost to being mean. On the other hand, gentleness costs nothing, but reaps much in the way of rewards.

Gentleness Costs Nothing

When we treat others with disdain, we tend to lose their respect. Most people do not appreciate “bullies.” In fact, most people would like to silence bullies. I can guarantee to you that bullies have few friends, if any. God did not make us to demean and ridicule others. Rather, God made us as social beings, meant to live in community with each other. He would Continue reading

Remember Those Who Died for Us on This Memorial Day

Remember those who diedIn the United States, we celebrate Memorial Day today; a day to remember those who died in service to the U.S., in defense of the U.S.   Unfortunately, the U.S. has seen several wars over its 240+ year history. Yet, remembering those who died, for our safety and security, is worthy of showing our appreciation.

Remember Those Who Died

This day never passes by me without remembering my next door neighbor, Tommy Myers, who died while serving my country, in Vietnam, back in the 1960’s. I was a pre-teen, when I saw the U.S. Army car pull up in front of Mrs. Myer’s house to give her the bad news. Tommy is the only person, who I personally knew, Continue reading

Show Compassion to Those Who Suffer

Show CompassionCompassion is different from pity. Pity merely means that we feel sorry for someone and/or their situation. Compassion, on the other hand, goes deeper. It is with compassion that we enter into the suffering with others. For example, I feel compassion for those who died alone in the hospital, due to the coronavirus. I also feel compassion for their loved ones who could not be with them as they each took their last breaths. Now, when I say enter into the suffering with the ones who suffer, it means that I, too, feel their pain. So, rather than pity, we need to show compassion to those who suffer.

Show Compassion

My heart breaks at the thought of dying alone in Continue reading

Share What You Have in a Spirit of Generosity

spirit of generosityGod created this world, and all that it offers, for the benefit of everyone, and not for a select few. This concept actually has a name: The Universal Destination of Goods. Its underlying meaning is that “created goods goes hand-in-hand with the moral obligation to help those in need.” 1 Therefore, it is important to share with others what you have in the spirit of generosity.

Spirit of Generosity

We’ve heard it all before, “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” What does that result in? It results in income inequality, and a greater divide amongst the members of society. Do you think that God placed you on this earth to see how much money you could accumulate? Continue reading

Fatima, by Jean M. Heimann – Book Review


Note: This review of Fatima: The Apparation That Changed the World, was first posted on this website on May 3, 2017, in celebration of the publication of the book. On this feast day of Our Lady of Fatima, I thought it worth revisiting. I hope you enjoy it.


Fatima: The Apparition That Changed the World, by Jean M. Heimann, is a wonderful book that chronicles the Fatima apparitions of the Blessed Mother, including beautiful glossy pictures of the town, people and churches of the area. Multiple apparitions occurred at Fatima, Portugal between May 13, 1917 and October 13, 1917, visible to three young Portuguese children from that town.

Most Catholics have heard the story of Fatima, possessing Continue reading

Pay Forward Your Gratitude

Pay Forward Your GratitudeI like the example set by Gov. Andrew Cuomo regarding the paying forward of gratitude. When Oregon supplied New York with 140 ventilators, so that New York could get through its peak of the coronavirus, Gov. Cuomo stated that he would pay it forward.  Since then, New York has shipped ventilators to multiple states. Finding ways to pay forward your gratitude is a virtue worth emulating.

Pay Forward Your Gratitude

When you feel grateful, how do you express your gratitude? There are many ways to do it, from sending a thank you note, to paying it forward. Think of the cancer survivor, filled with gratitude for having been cured of cancer. What does that person want to do? That Continue reading

Show a Little Kindness, Because It Goes a Long Way

Show a Little KindnessYou may think that “sheltering in place” inhibits you from performing acts of kindness. How can you be kind when you are trying to stay away from people? Well, the very act of staying away from others is an act of kindness. You place the welfare of others ahead of your own needs and wants. That shows a little kindness to others. However, there are additional ways to show a little kindness to others while maintaining the social distance requirements.

Ways to Show a Little Kindness

Here are just a few ideas for you to consider. I’m sure that you will creatively come up with a few of your own. I invite you to share your ideas in the comments Continue reading

Maintaining Patience, in a Time of Crisis

Maintaining PatienceSo, how is your patience level these days? Feeling a little stressed? Maybe you’re snapping at your spouse, and wondering why? If you answer yes to these questions, then join my club! Yes, my patience level needs some work. Impatience, in a time of crisis, is normal, especially when dealing with the unknown increases your stress. Yet, maintaining patience, in a time of crisis, can serve you well.

Maintaining Patience

The first thing that you need to do is to determine what increases your stress level, thus, decreasing your patience. Lately, for me, my stress level increases every time I hear Donald Trump’s lies and/or misinformation coming out of his mouth. This makes me lose my patience, and I take Continue reading