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Biases Contradict Disinterestedness

Biases Contradict DisinterestednessWhen we stay entrenched in a specific point of view, many times it is because our biases contradict disinterestedness.  The virtue of disinterestedness calls for us to assess situations and/or perform actions without biased motives. Jurors, for example, are called to places their biases at the door and act with objectivity; to be open to listening to all the facts, forming an impartial decision on guilt or innocence.

Biases Contradict Disinterestedness in the United States

As citizens of the United States, we entrench ourselves in our camps of liberal and conservative, with a virtual 50/50 split. The biases embraced by both sides inhibit us all from seeing God’s objective truth. As citizens, we fail to listen to the facts; the objective truth. Instead, we spin the truth to meet our previously conceived opinions. By doing so, we embrace moral relativism and diverge from objective truth.

As individuals, and as a country, we need to embrace disinterestedness. We need to place God first over country, political party, etc. In acting like jurors, by placing our biases at the door, we free our minds to listen to and see objective truth. You see, if anyone thinks that either the liberal or conservative parties are 100% aligned with God’s truth and God’s will, then you are sadly mistaken. Some liberal concepts  align with God’s will (i.e.: care for the poor and immigrant), and some conservative concepts align with God’s will (i.e.: right to life and marriage between a man and a woman). Yet, neither party totally aligns with God’s will. Therefore, depending on your political persuasion, some politically aligned concepts go against God’s will. So, rather than staying entrenched in one political camp, perhaps its best, if we follow Jesus instead. We can do that by embracing disinterestedness.

What Would Jesus Do?

We can master the virtue of disinterestedness by asking, “what would Jesus do?” By keeping our focus on Jesus, rather than our own preconceived notions, we will follow God’s will. God’s will leads us only in truth – His objective truth. For example, Jesus cares for the poor and the immigrant. He respects all life, from conception to natural death. So, let’s not let our biases contradict disinterestedness in our lives. Let’s follow Jesus, instead.

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