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Belt of Truth – Book Review and Scavenger Hunt

Belt of Truth

The Armor of God: Belt of Truth, by Theresa Linden, is the first in a new series of chapter books for young adults that teaches children the virtues! In this first installment, we meet George, a young lad of eight years, who longs to one day become a knight. However, there is much to learn, and just getting into knight school is a hurdle! Only the brightest get selected for such an honor.

After two years of trying to get accepted into knight school, it finally happens! Now, George believes that all his dreams will come true. That is, until he almost burns down his home and lies to his parents as to how the fire started! This first lie resulted in future lies and everything begins to snowball on George. Because he accidentally started the fire, his parents needed to pay for the repairs. That meant that there wouldn’t be enough money to continue sending George to knight school. So, George concocts a plan with his classmates to poach a turkey to pay for his tuition. Then, he lies about where the turkey came from since it is illegal to poach turkey’s from the King’s forest.

In this delightful story, Linden does an exceptional job at showing George’s character grow in virtue. She uses other characters to help George see the truth. As the lies begin to pile up, George’s friend Robyn says, “If you are so comfortable with little lies, one day you will be telling big lies. Is that what you want” (p. 72)? Hmm…some good food for thought!

The Belt of Truth – The First Piece of Armor

Although Robyn speaks sage advise, George continues to wrestle with telling lies, for fear of what might happen if he tells the truth. That is, until one day, when George’s little brother gets lost, walking to school alone, because George was too curious and impatient to wait until after school to explore something he saw in the forest. Well, things really begin to unravel on George at that point. For his brother’s safety and well-being, George comes to terms with the need to speak the truth, even at the cost of punishment.  He fears that if he tells the truth, he will not earn his Belt of Truth, the first piece of armor that a knight must earn to proceed to the next phase. Yet, he determines that his brother is more important than any dream, and he confesses to his mother and teacher.

Will George earn his Belt of Truth for having spoken the truth? Or will he be denied the coveted piece of armor? As a parent, you will be pleased to read the ending of this enchanting book, for it will teach your child what he or she needs to learn about the virtue of truth.

Throughout the book, there is a subplot where George prepares for his First Confession. Linden weaves into the story salient points from the Catechism of the Catholic Church that instructs young adults about the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Yet, Linden does it without making the reader feel like they are in a classroom. Instead, she shares the truths of the Catholic faith in an entertaining manner.

This book is an excellent read for children ages 8-12; especially for those preparing for their own First Confession. If you would like to get your copy of Belt of Truth, then click here.

A Little Info About My Book

Adventures of Faith. Hope and Charity – Finding Patience is about three sisters who learn the value of the virtue of patience and how God works in their lives to bring them good things. If you would like to learn more about my writing and purchase an autographed copy of my book, Adventures of Faith, Hope and Charity: Finding Patience, then click here.

Scavenger Hunt

Theresa Linden is conducting a scavenger hunt with a fantastic grand prize of an assortment of goodies. Want to participate? Here’s what you need to do:

Visit  Theresa Linden’s website and follow the instructions. Click here to get to her website and start the Scavenger hunt.

Then, take note that your clue for this Stop #4 is: STAND

Next, you will want to visit STOP #5 at My Little Patron to get your next clue.

Once you collect all of the clues, noted in the proper order, log it in at the last stop. Good luck! Now get hunting! I hope you win the grand prize, which is awesome. Details can be found on Theresa Linden’s website.

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