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Becoming More Like Christ – Book Review

Becoming More Like ChristBecoming More Like Christ: A Daily Prayer Guide to Living the Beatitudes by Monsignor David E. Rosage

Christ is sending me a message, and I am hearing it loud and clear. As with last month’s book review of Blessed are the Stressed, by Sister Mary Lea Hill, the Holy Spirit seems to have placed another book in my path centered on the Beatitudes! Becoming More like Christ, by Monsignor David E. Rosage, is a wonderful daily prayer guide to living the Beatitudes. Given that the Beatitudes are focused on discipleship, via the embrace of such virtues as humility, meekness, peace, and justice, I was in my glory reading this book.

Monsignor Rosage took pains to find the most appropriate 365 Scriptural passages and aligned them with the Beatitudes, so that we might reflect on a passage per day. Taking the passage, plus his words of wisdom, we can then incorporate the specific Beatitude into our lives; so that we might better imitate Christ. Monsignor Rosage’s simplistic, down-to-earth discourse on each biblical passage leads me to believe that his homilies would be as succinct, yet packed with a punch, as his daily reflections contained within this book! This is an easy read, with abundant room for contemplation on how the Beatitudes demonstrate the way for growing closer to God through the embrace of virtue.

It is clear that to follow Christ; to become more like Christ, we must be willing to behave like Christ. That means we must turn our backs to sin and turn toward Jesus with the help of the Beatitudes and the virtues. Only then will we be able to conform ourselves to Christ.

This is an excellent book for anyone who wants to take Scripture and pattern their life against it. This book also drives home the importance that virtue plays in our lives. If you would like to get your copy of this book, and begin growing closer to God, then click here.

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6 Responses to Becoming More Like Christ – Book Review

  • My pastor once said, if you want to memorize scripture, commit the Beatitudes to memory, and measure your actions against them. How great that Monsignor Rosage wrote this book applying the Beatitudes for every day’s use. Thanks so much for reviewing it!

  • It occurs to me that the Beatitudes are pretty overlooked, especially in comparison with the Ten Commandments, but they should work in tandem. And most of us are more open to hearing “Blessed are . . .” than “Thou shalt not . . .”

    Thanks for linking up, Ginny!

  • Sounds like a good book for me! I’m a Dame of the Order of Malta, and we hold the Beatitudes very central to how we live our lives. I’ll need to add this to my long TBR pile!

    • Hi Amy: I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Also consider “Blessed are the Stressed” by Sister Mary Lea Hill, FSP – another worthy read!

      BTW: Your tips on Pinterest from the online CWG conference are really paying off for me. My followership on Pinterest has increased almost 10%, just by taking five minutes to make your suggested changes. Thanks!

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