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Become a Peacemaker – Practice Peace


Becoming a peacemaker is really not as difficult as it first might seem. Take the following steps to find your path to peace:

Forgive others and forgive yourself – It is so important to forgive, even the most heinous acts, for it is in the forgiving that you yourself are released from the bond/connection to the one who committed sin against you. It is also important to forgive yourself, especially for the sins already confessed and that God has thusly forgiven. If you don’t, then what are you saying – that your ability to forgive or not forgive is superior to that of God’s forgiveness? If so, you may just want to rethink that one – God’s mercy and forgiveness cannot be outdone, but your pride can sure get in the way and thusly impede your ability to become a peacemaker!

Reconcile yourself to God and become reunited to Christ – Seek the sacrament of Reconciliation, for it is through this sacrament that our sins are forgiven – the slate is wiped clean. The sins are forgotten by God, and we once again become reunited and conformed to Christ. For some Catholics, it may have been awhile since your last confession, but I bet you remember that glorious feeling upon exiting the confessional – that weight lifted off of your shoulders. You felt light as a feather, and filled with Christ’s mercy and love. You experienced inner peace! You can have that feeling again in a heartbeat. It’s up to you.

Perform acts of kindness with love – Take what you have inside of you – that inner peace – and shine it like a beacon on others. Perform acts of kindness with love; they can be specific, or random. I can assure you of one thing: when you do them, you will feel joy in your heart and you will do good things for others. You will have become a peacemaker!

I think it most fitting to end our discussion on the virtue of Peace, especially on becoming a peacemaker, by sharing with you an EWTN video of Angelina singing Make Me a Channel of Your Peace. Perhaps this will give you some suggestions on how you can actually become a peacemaker. For example: Sow love rather than hatred. Forgive and be healed. Shine Christ’s light in the darkness.  Enjoy!

With inner peace now in our tool belt of virtues, we will begin our discussion on the next virtue of courtesy in our next reflection. Don’t miss it!

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6 Responses to Become a Peacemaker – Practice Peace

  • I just wanted to Ty for all the songs that came at the bottom of Become a Peacemaker – Practice Peace. I had a Carey Landery tape rather tapes in the early 90’s and almost all the same songs were on them except for Ashes and a few others. I hear a few of them at Mass, but hope to purchase new ones again. I have listened to them 2 times already, just what I needed today! I just want to add your virtues have me soul searching, and I hope to continue. Ty

  • I have been through a lot. Forgiving my mother for her crimes against us. Forgiving myself for many things I’ve done wrong. HARD to master.
    However, once I learned that forgiveness is not the same as acceptance, it became easier.

    Wonderful post.

    • Hi Emily: You’ve got the key! Forgiveness is not the same as acceptance, or forgetting. The virtue of acceptance is on my agenda for discussion in the future. And if I can get my first children’s book published on the virtue of patience, I already have the second book in my head, and that will be on the virtue of acceptance – accepting ourselves first, so that we can accept others for who they are and not what we want them to be. Glad you signed on to receive my blog posts. You will definitely be able to help me get conversations going on the posts. – All the best, Ginny

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