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The Beatitudes: Jesus’ Way Requires Virtue

BeatitudesIn today’s Gospel reading from Matt 5:1-12, we hear Jesus teach about the Beatitudes. I am quite partial to the Beatitudes, as they embody virtue. As you all know, virtue is my “thing.” When we look at each one of the Beatitudes, we see that they are actually God’s gift of grace. That is because, to master the Beatitudes, we must embrace virtue. To embrace virtue, we need God’s grace.

The Beatitudes – Jesus’ Way!

  • To be poor in spirit, one must embrace and exemplify humility
  • If you are one who mourns, you are compassionate
  • Meekness is obvious. Yet to be meek, one requires great strength (fortitude).
  • If you hunger and thirst for righteousness, you embody justice
  • Merciful is obvious, like meekness. However, to be merciful, to the extent necessary, one must be ready to also forgive.
  • If you are clean of heart, you embody purity.
  • To be a peacemaker, you must be a bearer of Christ’s peace to others.
  • If you are persecuted for never denying Christ, then you persevere in faith.

In the Sermon on the Mount, when Jesus elaborated on the Beatitudes to His Apostles and Disciples, He taught them these virtues as the “Way.” It is by embracing the Beatitudes that we honor and love God and neighbor. Can you imagine what our world would be like if everyone took these Beatitudes to heart? If we all followed Jesus’ Way, we could all claim to be a virtuous people. It is never too late to start following Jesus’ Way. If you have the breath of life in you, you have the capacity to be humble, compassionate, meek, righteous for justice, merciful, pure, and persevere in faith. Start today, because time is precious. Use it wisely.

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