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When Do You Ask God to Take a Back Seat?

take a back seat How well do you think you adhere to the First Commandment to worship no other gods besides the one true God? Do you think that because you “believe” in the one true God, that you’re good? Think again. When we place money, power, fame, or anything else first in our lives, we ask God to take a back seat. By doing that, we violate the First Commandment.

Do You ask God to Take a Back Seat?

We are all guilty of asking God to take a back seat in our lives, from time to time. For example, when we obsess about finances, feeling compelled to find a better paying job, we ask God to take a back seat. Rather than trusting in the Lord to provide, we feel obligated to fix the situation ourselves. This is because the fear of not having enough money overwhelms us.

Sometimes, we are willing to do anything to get that promotion.  We feel compelled to have more power to “call the shots.”  When we do so, we ask God to take a back seat. Rather than waiting for the Lord to bless us with opportunity, we feel compelled to make things happen in our own time. This is because the fear of powerlessness consumes us.

The overwhelming need to be seen, known and adored is an attempt to fill a void. Rather than feeling loved by God, we seek adoration and attention from others. This is because the fear of loneliness devours us.

Money, Power and Fame: Fear-Based Idols

Money, power, fame, etc. are our false idols. You can clearly see that they are fear-based false idols. We chase after them, with hope for happiness; only to learn that these items never bring true happiness. Our true happiness can only be found in God. So, the reason that God says that we shall not have other gods before Him, is not to restrict us. On the contrary, this Commandment is meant to show us where our true happiness lies – with God.

God: The Source of All Happiness

To truly adhere to the First Commandment, we need to look to God as our source of happiness, knowing that He will provide the money, job, and everything else needed for this life in accordance with His plan for each of us. All we have to do is trust in Him and “have no other gods beside Him” (Ex 20:3).

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