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As You Loved Me

As You Loved Me

What does it mean to you to hear the command to love others as Jesus has loved you? In going through my prayer cards, I found the following prayer that answers that question and crystallizes what we discussed in the last post titled, Charity, a.k.a. Love. I hope you like it:



“As You Love Me”

Heart of Jesus, full of goodness, Heart of Jesus, burning furnace of   charity, inflame my heart with love for You and those around me.

Grant, O Lord, that every moment of this day, in all my dealings with   others, I may keep in mind Your words, “as long as you did it to one of these   My least brethren, you did it to Me.”

Grant that I may rule all my dealings with others according to Your command:   “…love one another, as I have loved you.”

Grant that I may think of them as You think of them and of me.

Grant that I may feel toward them as You feel toward them and me.

Grant that I may speak to them and of them as You would, were You in my   place.

Grant that I may bear with them as You bear with me.

Grant that I may regard it a privilege “…not to be ministered unto, but   to minister.”

Grant that I may seek opportunities of doing good to them in a kindly   way – seeing You, serving You, in them.

Place Your thoughts in my mind, Your love in my heart, Your words on my   lips – that I may learn to love others as You love me.


Prayer   taken from Eternal Life – www.lifeeternal.org



What does this prayer say to you? Do you like it? Let me know by entering a comment.

How does one manifest charity/love? We’ll discuss the answer to that question in our next reflection on the virtue of Charity. Don’t miss it!

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  • Simplest way to explain this was taught to me by Deacon John Flynn, years ago when we were teaching RCIA – In each person you greet, you must learn to see Jesus looking back at you, and treat them accordingly.

    Easy to say, harder to do, but got me through more than one rough day of substitute teaching! (along with remembering Luke 2:41-52…)

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