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Are You Sometimes Careless? Then Embrace Diligence!

Embrace DiligenceDo you sometimes act, without considering the consequences? Or might you sometimes say something offensive, without thinking of the other person’s feelings? Do you rush to complete tasks, just to get them done, with little thought to how well they get done? I think we could all answer “yes” to these questions, if not consistently, then at a minimum, at least occasionally.  When we act, or say something, inappropriate, when we don’t care about an outcome, we exhibit carelessness. The antidote: Embrace diligence!

Embrace Diligence

With diligence, we think before we act. We evaluate the consequences and determine the best course of action. We seek a positive outcome that will be beneficial to all parties. Why? Because we care about the other person involved.

When we embrace diligence, we take care to think before we speak. I wish I had known about this virtue back when I worked in banking. I remember being at a meeting where a question was asked of the team, and I did not think before I spoke. Therefore, I didn’t consider the consequences of my actions. All I cared about was being right, rather than kind. I spoke my peace, and as a result, I lost a treasured relationship because of it. I was careless. Had I embraced diligence, and thought before I spoke, perhaps things would be different today.  Perhaps I still might have that once treasured relationship.

With diligence, we plan out tasks properly, so that we can complete them with a sense of steadfastness and commitment. It is by our deeds that we build our reputations. If we are sloppy and careless, our reputations will suffer. However, if we plan and execute well, then the final product will be well received by others, and our reputations will soar.

When we embrace diligence, we serve ourselves well. So, always consider the consequences of your actions. Think before you speak, and plan and execute tasks with steadfastness and commitment. If you follow these steps, you will master the virtue of Diligence.

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