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Anything For Love: The Self-Sacrificial Kind of Love

Utah 2

Some twenty years ago, when Nick and I lived in New Jersey, my banking career was drying up. All of the banks were merging together and therefore, banking jobs in New Jersey were scarce. Nick and I were both born and raised in New Jersey. Everyone we knew and loved lived there. As Divine Providence would have it, while I was unemployed, we were invited out to Salt Lake City, Utah so that I could be Godmother to my friend’s little girl. In July 1996, we traveled to Utah for the Baptism. While visiting, I looked around at the banks headquartered in Utah. I applied to a few and was actually offered a job.

New Jersey to Utah: For Love

When Nick and I sat down to discuss the possibility of moving away from family and friends to the “wild west,” I’ll never forget what Nick said to me. “I don’t care where I am, as long as I am with you.” Now folks, to me, that is the quintessential definition of self-sacrificing love; the truest form of love. Nick was willing to leave behind all that he knew and cherished because my work took me to Utah. He was in retail sales, and it seemed that it would be easier for him to find a new job in Utah than for me to find a new career in New Jersey.

We have always tried to make major decisions together, and to be prudent about them as well. At the root of all that we do is our love and respect for each other. Our love guides us, as does the Holy Spirit’s error-free counsel. As it turns out, the four years spent in Utah were some of the happiest years we’ve spent together, because it brought us many close friends we would have otherwise never gotten to know. So that self-sacrificing love of my husband expanded in the form of new friendships; for self-sacrificing love never shrinks, it only expands.

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Note: This picture was taken by Nick Lieto, my husband, on one of our day trips traveling around the Wasatch Mountains near Salt Lake City, Utah.

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