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Annunciation of Our Lord

Annunciation of Our Lord


Today, we celebrate the awesome event of when the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her that she would bear a Son, who would be called the Son of God. Today is the Feast of the Annunciation of Our Lord.

The Annunciation

Can you imagine what that moment must have been like for Mary? She was a young teen, barely a woman! Yet, she knew enough about the facts of life to know how procreation works. She wondered, how could this be, since she did not know man? She was engaged to Joseph, but they had not yet married. Therefore, Mary was a virgin. Yet, with God, all things are possible. We consider the Annunciation, the conception of Jesus, to be one of the mysteries of our faith.

With Mary’s “yes,” Jesus, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, (ever Divine) entered humanity, through the power of the Holy Spirit, by Mary conceiving Jesus in her womb. This young teen then went on to become the greatest mother of all the living. It was because of Mary’s “yes,” that God was able to fulfill His promise of eternal life to every one of us. We can thank our Blessed Mother for the opportunity to share eternal life with God.

What is God Asking of You?

What might God be asking of you, to fulfill His plan? My guess is that it is not something so grandiose as giving birth to the Son of God. However, we all have a purpose for existence and that purpose is to fulfill God’s plan. Give some thought to how you might be able to best use your talents in God’s vineyard. Look for ways to tend his sheep. But above all, love God with your whole heart, soul and mind and love your neighbor as yourself. Then, when God asks something of you, give him a resounding “yes, Lord!”

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  • Say a few extra Hail Mary’s today! I don’t recognize that painting of the Annunciation. Who is the artist?

    • I’m not sure, but it looks like the kind of work that Fra Angelico would do. I found it in the public domain, so the artist is probably long dead.

      • Hmm. I think whoever painted it, had Fra Angelico on his mind, but I don’t think that painting is a Fra Angelico. But I could be wrong.

        I love this Solemnity. I read somewhere where the author thought it was a greater day than Christmas. He’s right. March 25th is the real incarnation. We should make more of it. Perhaps a holy day of obligation.

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