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And the Race is On…How Best to Prepare for Christmas

Race is on

The leftover turkey and fixings are still in the fridge. Yet, I have to ask. Have you got your Christmas shopping done yet? You know, you only have 29 days until Christmas! And the race is on…

This year we have the longest possible timeline to prepare for Christmas with Thanksgiving falling on November 22nd. What will we do with all that extra time? Rather than four weekends to shop for presents, we have five weekends this year. Bonus!

Are You a Tortoise or a Hare?

Do you see yourself as the tortoise or the hare in this year’s race to get everything done before Christmas day? If you are the tortoise, you patiently pace yourself, making a point not to lose the essence for the real reason for the season. You want to savor each moment; even finding some time to embrace the spiritual side of the holiday season. Perhaps you might attend an Advent mission at your Church or read a good book about the season of Advent. Then, maybe you are more like the hare, rushing to scratch off everything on your massive to do list, because you cannot rest until everything is done. There are presents to buy and wrap; cookies to bake and deliver to friends, and parties to give and attend.

How Will You Run Your Race?

Whichever path you choose to approach the Christmas season, as either the tortoise or the hare, your path is indicative of how you approach anything in life. There are pros and cons to being either a tortoise or a hare. A person who takes the tortoise approach may be too lackadaisical about life and waste precious time given to us to accomplish God’s Will. Then again, a person adopting the tortoise approach takes the time to “smell the roses” and appreciate God’s blessings. Now, if you are more inclined to take the hare approach, then you rush through life and miss the here and now. Yet, the person who takes the hare approach can accomplish much in the Lord’s name.

We need to find the balance between the two approaches. We need to do things in accordance with God’s timeline, AND we need to take the time to appreciate all the opportunities and blessings God graces us with each and every day.

So, as we determine how to approach this Christmas season, look for that middle ground. The race is on…It’s just a matter of how you want to run the race. And I’m not talking about just Christmas. I’m talking about the race of your life. Be like Saint Paul: Run your race to win eternal glory (1 Cor 9:24).

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