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Advent: A Time for Healing and Forgiveness

Advent Most people think of Advent as the time for preparation for the celebration of the incarnation of Christ; when Jesus entered humanity. Advent is just that, but it is also a time for healing and forgiveness, as we see in today’s Gospel from Luke 5:17-26, In this Gospel reading, we learn of the power and authority of Jesus to forgive sins. We hear about the paralyzed man lowered from the roof into the place where Jesus was preaching. Jesus not only forgives the man of his sins, but because of the confidence in God, expressed by his friends, Jesus also heals the man of his paralysis.

What sin may be paralyzing you; preventing you from embracing the joy and peace of the Christmas season? Now is the time to seek the Lord’s forgiveness and healing with the same confidence in God’s power, as that shown by the friends of the paralyzed man. Like Lent, Advent is a time for cleansing; for with a clean heart we are more open to God’s grace. Christmas is a time for giving. God wishes to give you His Peace, Joy, Grace and so much more. Is your heart open to receive these gifts, or are you paralyzed?

Advent: A Time to Act

As you prepare to exchange presents and celebrate the Christmas feast, take some time to cleanse your soul. Seek the sacrament of Reconciliation. Use this Advent season wisely, by seeking Christ’s forgiveness and mercy. Once reconciled, open your heart, in faith, and feel the freedom of your heart united with Christ’s heart. Take note that you are no longer paralyzed by sin, but are free to soar to new heights. When we receive the sacrament of Reconciliation, we become truly ready to celebrate all that the Christmas season offers. Once free from sin, prepare yourself to be showered with God’s many gifts.

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