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A Time for Hope!

A Time for HopeOne may look at the evening news and ask, “When did we lose our way?” We see rampant corruption bubbling to the surface within our government. There are immigrants in cages at our southern border. The opioid crisis seems to be on the back burner. Our priorities seem off-kilter. It’s at times like this, that it is very easy to lose hope. Yet, these are the very times when we need to hold onto hope. This is a time for hope!

A Time for Hope

Every day I pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet, with the intention of having truth and justice revealed, and God’s Will be done. Well, I would say that God is doing a very good job at getting the truth out in the open, but the justice part, I’m still waiting on that. I think it will be awhile before we see justice. The Truth needs to permeate our souls first. We need to face the ugliness of corruption, the maltreatment of the immigrant, and acknowledge the need to address the opioid crisis first. We need to find our moral compass, once again, and align our priorities with God’s Will.

I refuse to lose hope that we can right the ship. For, with God all things are possible. Right now, God is illumining our minds with the ugly truth. Once we know the truth, we will find the path to justice. We will make things right, once again. Until then, we must hold on to hope; a hope in Christ Jesus – that He is always with us, even in our darkest hour. We hold onto a hope for eternal life, where we will live in a perfected state, free of our human flaws that plague us in this world.

So, when feeling like all is lost, remember who is really in charge – God! I know that gives me comfort. I hope it does the same for you.

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