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A Time for Expressing Unselfishness

Expressing UnselfishnessAs we embark on the holiday season, we find that now is a good time for expressing unselfishness. We find ourselves taking part in filling the local food bank, so that others, who are less fortunate than ourselves, may have enough to eat. Such a gesture opens our hearts to other possibilities, like volunteering at a homeless shelter, serving meals, or giving of our time to help someone in need. Perhaps you might drive someone to a doctor’s appointment or visit a relative in a nursing home. Whatever touches your heart to do, know that it is a call from God asking you to give of yourself to others.

Expressing Unselfishness

Expressing unselfishness is an easy thing to do. All it takes is the emptying of one’s own wishes and desires for the total fulfillment of God’s Will, as well as the betterment of the common good, and love of one’s fellow man. That sounds like a lot, but it’s not really very difficult. All you need to do is “think more of others and of yourself less” (C.S. Lewis). Put God first in all that you do. Ask yourself, “What would Jesus do?” Then, do what Jesus would do. Use this holiday season to make it meaningful; not only in your own life, but for the lives of others. Be unselfish with your time, talent and treasure. It will make you feel good, and at the same time, set a good example for others to follow in your footsteps.  You’ll be the rippling impetus for good deeds. Now, that’s a world worth living in – wouldn’t you agree?

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