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A Shot in the Arm – Book Review

A Shot in the ArmA Shot in the Arm, by Kevin Luksus, MD, offers us some great insight into the connection between our physical and spiritual health. In a very practical manner, Luksus shares his experiences in promoting both physical and spiritual health. He helps the reader diagnose spiritual disorders and offers the remedy to better equip the person for improvement. How so, you might ask?

A Shot in the Arm to Improve Spiritual Health

Luksus starts each topic (whether it be the mind, heart, vision, etc.), by giving a brief description of how a healthy body part should operate, with each chapter devoted to a different body part.  Then, within each chapter, he draws the correlation to how the healthy spiritual aspect should work, in relation to the body part in question. After we level set on both counts, Luksus introduces the spiritual disorders that can plague us; such disorders as spiritual ischemia, “when we fail to live our life by grace” (p. 32). Like any good doctor would do, Luksus gives us his doctor’s prescription for addressing our spiritual disorders, in the form of guidance for treatment and prevention.

What I loved about this book, is the extent to which Luksus brought virtue into view; showing that by embracing virtue, we can live a more spiritually healthy life. For example, in addressing the spiritual disorder of spiritual ischemia, Dr. Luksus encourages us to grow in humility; more broadly, to grow in virtue.

Growth in one virtue leads to greater perfection in all other virtues. This includes humility. As we acquire virtue, we become more like Jesus, both in our actions and in our heart. (p. 36)

My heart loved this book. I learned a great deal about the human body and the spiritual connections because it’s written in simple terms. If you want to learn how to live a more spiritually healthy life, then I highly recommend getting your copy of A Shot in the Arm. You can easily get your copy by clicking here.

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