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A Love Such as Heaven Intended – Book Review

A Love Such as Heaven IntendedIn A Love Such as Heaven Intended, the third in a Civil War series, Amanda Lauer shows us that even during times of war, love wins. In this enchanting book, we meet Josephine Katherine Bigelow, a social elite, of the Washington D.C. circuit. As a recent graduate from the Georgetown Academy for Young Ladies, Josephine has grand plans to become a writer. Thinking she needs no further education, she readies herself to conquer the world with her pen. Yet, her father, on the other hand, Brigadier General Matthias Bigelow, has different designs.

Although the country is at war, and the General is one of President Abraham Lincoln’s right-hand men, he wants to see his daughter receive more education. But, Josephine knows well how to get what she wants. By wrapping her father around her little finger, Josephine sets out on an adventure that proves to us all that living life fully means finding a love such as Heaven intended.

Josephine Bigelow sets out on a course only God could design. First stop, volunteering at the local Washington D.C. prison, where she meets prisoner, Michael McKirnan, dressed in a Confederate uniform. Josephine knows Michael, as he was a roommate of her brother at West Point Academy. They strike up a conversation. From there we see Divine Providence place the plan in motion to bring these two together. But, before that could ever happen, there are hurdles to jump, problems to face, and a war to finish.

Just after striking up a conversation with Michael, and acknowledging the spark of love ignited, Josephine learns the next day that Michael got transferred to another prison. How will she ever find him? How could their love blossom if they can’t be together? What will happen to Michael? Would she ever see him again? From here we see Lauer take us on a journey to stop #2, St. Louis, and then on to Atlanta, and finally to Texas.

Why You Should Get a Copy of A Love Such as Heaven Intended

Lauer takes us on this journey with A Love Such as Heaven Intended, through the trials and tribulations of the Civil War. She does an excellent job at demonstrating how the impact on the citizens of the North and South resulted in friends fighting friends. The lines of true demarcation were not as clear as the territorial lines of states. The focus of the book is on the love story between Josephine and Michael. However, the background information learned about the Civil War shows Lauer’s knowledge runs deep.

I found this novel to be thoroughly enjoyable. In it, I saw the virtues of faith, hope and love abound – Faith in God to set the course, Josephine’s hope in reuniting with Michael upon the war’s end and a love such as Heaven intended.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who appreciates a good love story, coupled with some historical background. If you would like to get your copy of A Love Such as Heaven Intended, then click here.

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