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8 Notes to a Nobody, by Cynthia T. Toney – Book Review

8 Notes to a Nobody 8 Notes to a Nobody, by Cynthia T. Toney, is a heartwarming, yet truthful, depiction of what it is like to be a teenage girl, coming of age. In Cynthia Toney’s tale, Wendy Robichaud, an eighth grader, comes face-to-face with some of the struggles that teens unfortunately face: eating disorders and teen suicide; feelings of inferiority and loneliness.

Right from the dedication, I was hooked, as Cynthia hones in on two very important virtues when she dedicated the book “to teens everywhere struggling to find acceptance and love.” Although the main character, Wendy, faces some struggles, Cynthia Toney does a masterful job at setting the right tone and message to give hope and prudent direction to all young adults.

The story also supplies some intrigue, when Wendy receives a series of eight notes, anonymously and mysteriously, sent via post-it-notes attached to her belongings. At first, she’s not sure if it is a friend or a foe sending the notes. Due to her inferiority complex, she assumes the worst. As the story unfolded, I immediately identified with Wendy. Like Wendy, I too, thought the notes were coming from a foe. From the title of the book, I knew more notes would follow, and I had to know what they said. I needed to know what Wendy was up against. I wanted to see how she would handle the truth, once all was revealed.

I marveled at how Cynthia Toney dealt with friendship, loss, family and fears in one soupy mess we call life; and yet, everything flowed so smoothly in her storyline. Her writing is compelling and authentic. Her characters are realistic and relatable.

In reading this book, Cynthia gave me the gift of reliving my own youth; yet, this time, through the eyes of wisdom. Thank you Cynthia, for such a cherished gift – one that heals the soul! I highly recommend this book for any young teenager, and any adult who would like to join me in reliving one’s youth – albeit, through the eyes of wisdom.

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  • Thanks for linking your review! I love the Bird Face series, which hits a young teen audience that I think is often overlooked or overshadowed by books that are either too childish or too mature for that age group. Cynthia Toney does a great job of handling such serious issues without allowing the story to become maudlin.

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