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Wishing You Christ’s Joy

Christ's JoyChrist’s joy is not fleeting. His joy abides in the human heart, even in times of stress. Christ’s joy is what I wish for you this holiday season. How does one receive such a joy, so deep, that even crises cannot set it a kilter? Such joy resides in the heart of one who places their full faith and trust in Jesus. I can give personal testimony to this fact.

Christ’s Joy Touched My Life

Back in 2011, I felt much discontent in my job. Therefore, I knew I needed a change. So, I handed in my retirement notice. I went back to school for my Masters in Pastoral Theology and gave my life to God to do with as He sees fit. Walking away from a sure salary, and entering the unknown, took faith and trust in God. It’s been seven plus years now, and I’ve never looked back. No, I don’t make the kind of money I made in my previous life, but I have Christ’s joy, instead. And His joy is priceless!

When you give your life to God, there is no promise that life will be “peachy” and filled with roses! On the contrary. I’ve had a few crises to deal with, just like everyone else over the past seven plus years. Yet, God always provides me with what I need to deal with each trial and tribulation. And His joy remains, throughout the good times and the bad! My life is so different now, after having been a bank auditor for 36 years. Now, I find Christ’s joy as a:

  • Catholic blogger,
  • Adjunct Professor of Theology,
  • Author,
  • Editor,
  • Freelance Writer,
  • Public Speaker,
  • RCIA Coordinator,
  • and faithful Catholic.

God gives me joy in every facet of my new professional life. As you can clearly see, He can do much with one vow to give your life to Him! He also gives me joy personally, as well, in my marriage, my prayer life, and my personal relationship with Him. Christ’s joy is every abiding; never to wane.

Wishing You Christ’s Joy

His joy flows toward anyone willing to enter into a relationship of love with God. Do you want the joy that I experience? Then simply ask God for it. But, be willing to travel the path God wants, for that is where you will find Christ’s joy.

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