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Understanding God’s Word

God's WordIn today’s Gospel, we hear Jesus tell the parable of the sower. Jesus knew that the Apostles did not completely understand what He tried to convey. He responded to them by asking, “Do you not understand this parable? Then how will you understand any of the parables” (Mark 4:13)? Understanding God’s Word requires some interpretation.

As you read Scripture, do you confidently think you truly understand what God conveys in the passages that you read? Odds are the answer is no, and if you answered no, then you are in good company. Some passages are easy to discern. Then there are others that have multiple meanings, or multiple layers to discern. How, then, are we to discern the true meaning of God’s Word?

The Magisterium Aids Us in Understanding God’s Word

In many other Christian faiths, the faithful discern God’s Word on their own, as they do not have an authoritative source to rely upon. Yet, when Jesus instituted His Church, He knew from the very beginning, as is evident from today’s Gospel, that He would need to supply an authoritative source on interpreting Scripture. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Apostles and their successors, would faithfully and properly interpret Scripture. Today, we call that authoritative source, the Magisterium. It is the Magisterium’s responsibility to preserve and defend the interpretation of Scripture, for all generations. The Magisterium consists of the Pope, the Cardinals and Bishops, worldwide. Together, working with the Holy Spirit, they interpret the Scriptures, so that we may come to better understand God‘s Word. This allows us to safely answer Jesus’s question: Yes, Jesus. I understand the parable of the sower and all the other parables noted within Scripture.

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