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Unconditional Love: Parental Love

Ginny's First Holy CommunionUnconditional Love – I was blessed to have two wonderful parents, who were married for 54 years prior to my father’s passing in 1999. My mother died 28 weeks later. (The photo was taken at my First Communion in 1965, at age 8). For the first 42 years of my life, they were living examples of parental love to me. They loved me unconditionally, as all parents do so well.

I did not come from a wealthy family. My father worked in a printer’s shop, and my mother was a stay-at-home mom, until I turned 10 years of age. In those first ten years of my life, I required numerous surgeries on my feet, because I was born with severe clubbed feet (a curvature of bone structure from toes to pelvis). Back then, health insurance coverage wasn’t anything like it is today. My parents racked up a lot of debt to give me a better shot at life.  I remember my parents making comments about paying my orthopedic surgeon another $25 one month to pay down some of the debt incurred – all so that I might be able to walk with braces on my legs. Their sacrifice was blessed by God, with dividends, considering that today I can walk without braces! Such a sacrifice made, all because of unconditional love; a love for which I will be eternally grateful.

That unconditional love from my parents helped me to connect with God’s unconditional love for me. God too, just like my parents, sacrificed for me. He sacrificed His own Son on the Cross for my soul – God loves me that much! Again, such a sacrifice made, all because of unconditional love; a love for which I will be eternally grateful.

All parents possess that unique quality of God – unconditional love. To experience that kind of love is one of God’s greatest gifts, and a part of His plan for each of us. To return that love unconditionally to God is the greatest gift we can give Him.

Family Love – How it fulfills God’s Plan. We’ll discuss familial love in our next reflection on the virtue of Love. Don’t miss it!

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