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Power of Novena Prayer


Friday, I begin the Novena to St. Joseph, asking for his intercession to pray for me. St. Joseph is known for being a faithful servant to God, for his protection and caring for the infant Jesus throughout his life. I am trying to be faithful to Jesus’ call for me to be a public speaker for the Catholic faith. Who better to go to for encouragement and prayers said on my behalf, for the virtue of faithfulness, than the saint known for his faithfulness! This Novena culminates on the ninth day, which happens to be the Feast of St. Joseph Continue reading

Practicing Faithfulness


Practicing Faithfulness

I will say up front that it is easier said than done practicing faithfulness to God. He is ever faithful to us, but because of our tendency toward sin, we fail to be ever faithful to Him. To be faithful to God and to not give in to self-pride, fears and doubts, one must engage in persistent prayer, always asking for increased faith and trust in God. It is with that increased faith and trust in God that we are able to live a more virtuous life, conformed to Christ. Bottom line: Your faith must be Continue reading

Embrace Faithfulness

September 29, 2014

Embrace Faith 2

To embrace Faithfulness and be faithful to God, we need to ask for His guidance in all matters, an increase in faith, an increase in trust, and an unwavering loyalty to Him. We are all created in God’s image and likeness. Therefore, we all have the capability to be faithful. Yet when we allow self-pride, doubts and fears to creep into our psyches, thus eroding our faith and trust in God, we are in essence giving more credibility to the devil than to God; for it is the devil who is the promoter of self-pride, doubts and fears. When we Continue reading

Faithfulness: God’s Promise! How Do We Respond?

September 24, 2014

Faithfulness Faithfulness is both a virtue and a fruit of the Holy Spirit. As a virtue, it is a belief in and trust of another with an unwavering loyalty. As a fruit of the Holy Spirit, God’s faithfulness to each of us is just that – unwavering. He will never turn His back on us; He will never leave our sides. God calls us to be faithful to Him in the same way that He is faithful to us. Therefore, He asks us to trust in Him. “Trust in the Lord and do good that you may dwell in the Continue reading