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Success in Dress! May the Lord Find Favor

Dress for Success

Success seems to be defined by fashion magazine trends these days, and everyone wants to be successful! However, most of us are not fashion models on photo shoots. Rather, we’re everyday people trudging along in our communities, working, shopping and maybe, we exercise at the gym. Yet, how often do you see scantily clad people inappropriately dressed for a given occasion? Maybe its short shorts and a tank top in church, or a low cut blouse and tight jeans at work.

What we choose to wear makes a difference, not so much for others, but for ourselves, in the view of our own self-worth. We need to ask ourselves, “Is it more important to exude sexuality, or to give God His due? Whose opinion matters more: God’s or other people?” Dressing immodestly, does nothing to flatter you. On the contrary, it degrades your character. It’s crass and leads others to forming negative opinions about you. However, dressing modestly is classy! Dressing modestly demonstrates that you love and respect yourself. It gives others the opinion that you have your act together, and that you don’t need to exude sexuality to get the attention that you deserve. Dressing modestly commands respect. Therefore, what we choose to wear dictates whether one embraces modesty or not.

So, if you want to dress for success, be tasteful. Your goodness will shine through and others will be drawn to you. Respect yourself, and others will respect you. Refrain from exuding sexuality, especially at times of everyday activity like working, shopping and exercising at the gym! When you value yourself, you value God knowing that you are made in His image and likeness. The Divine Indwelling lives in you and you are representing Him to others. May the Lord find favor with your attire!

In our next reflection we’ll look at the cure for immodesty. Don’t miss it!

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