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Be Still, Silent, Listen and Know God!

Silence and Know God

Be still and know God!

Easier said than done! Yet, to truly come to know God, we must become good listeners, capable of discerning what He has in mind for us. Think about it: Do you ever really hear what another person has to say, if you are talking over them? Why should it be any different with God? We need to be still, silent, and listen for God’s guidance.

Here’s an exercise to get you started on the right path:

    1. Find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed for 15 minutes.
    2. Get comfortable.
    3. Mentally, tune out the chatter in your head and around you.
    4. Center yourself to be with God, by taking some deep cleansing breaths.
    5. Refrain from speaking or mentally reciting prayers.
    6. Allow God to manifest His Sacred Presence and speak to your heart.

Some tips:

  • To mentally tune out the chatter and to center myself, I take a series of about seven deep cleansing breaths (Breathe in Jesus, breathe out stress, breathe in Jesus, breathe out worry, etc.).
  • While taking the deep cleansing breaths, I focus my attention on Jesus residing within my heart. I focus on the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I focus on the rays of light emanating from His Sacred Heart outward, through me to the world. Remember, He is the Light, and that light shines through us, since He resides within each of us!
  • Then I shut up! I allow God to manifest Himself to me and speak to my heart.

There are times when my heart feels and hears nothing. That’s okay. Just because I don’t hear from Him during that time of prayer does not mean that He is not working on my behalf. Then there are days when I focus on the Sacred Heart of Jesus and I feel immense joy in my own heart. When you feel joy, peace, gratitude, contentment, or any other virtue welling up within your heart, God is speaking to you!!! Be still and listen for He has much to say and many graces to bestow upon you.

Hopefully, you will come out of this time of silent prayer refreshed, clear-headed and feeling some peace about whatever it was that was bothering you prior to entering into the Sacred Presence. Try it, and let me know how it works for you.

Before moving on to our next virtue, I have a special treat for you with a special guest posting tomorrow, where my friend Fawn Waranauskas will elaborate on entering into silence and listening to God speak to your hearts.  Don’t miss it!

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