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Spring Cleaning of the Soul!

Spring Cleaning of the Soul Spring has arrived! Hurrah! As we take to performing spring cleaning around our homes, perhaps it is time to think about the spring cleaning of our souls as well. What clutter of sin might be taking up room in your soul? What dust muffins of ambivalence might be swirling around you, but you pay no attention? Got some stains that might require a little “muscle” to remove? Is the window of your soul sparkling clean, or is there a murky film casting a shadow?

How to “Spring Clean” Your Soul

Remove the clutter of sin by going to Confession, so that the light of Christ can sparkle outward from the window of your soul, and so that the grace of Christ can penetrate the depths of your being. Address the ambivalence of indifference by taking note of what needs to be done, and do it! Pope Francis asked us to give up indifference for Lent. Let’s carry that practice through Easter and beyond Pentecost into our everyday lives. Move from indifference to making a difference! Make it a good habit, a virtue, to combat indifference.

Embrace virtue and grow closer to God. When we exercise the “muscles” of virtue, we naturally move in the opposite direction away from sin, because Christ and sin are polar opposites. Therefore, when we move away from sin, we conform ourselves to Christ; uniting ourselves with Christ.

God gives us Spring every year, as a time of renewal. Therefore, let’s use this time to put on Christ (Romans 13:14) and shed ourselves of sin, as well as embrace virtue to grow closer to God. Let’s do some Spring cleaning of our souls! Are you with me? If so, please hand me the dust rag. I have some work to do.

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