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Sponsor a Child – Practice Compassion


Practicing compassion can take many forms through the use of your time, talent and/or treasure. In this four part series, we’ll dive in and explore several opportunities for practicing compassion. Today let’s discuss the concept of what it means to:

Sponsor a Child

Back in 2005, we had a visiting priest come and speak to our parish about the opportunity to sponsor a child in a third world country, where living conditions were deplorable, yet the faith was ablaze. After Mass, I stopped by the table. I saw this picture of a small little Guatemalan girl, named Heydi, age 7. She was dressed in a simple little dress, yet she had no smile. She stole my heart! I immediately entered her sphere of suffering and wanted to do whatever I could to alleviate that suffering. There were many pictures on the table of children in need just like Heydi, but for some reason it was Heydi who connected with me. For the next seven years, my husband and I sent a small amount of money, monthly, to www.unbound.org on behalf of Heydi. This money went to teaching her the Catholic faith, as well as providing for her most essential needs. During our years of sponsorship we received many letters from Heydi telling us how grateful she was for our support, and that she and her family prayed for my husband and me. In these handwritten, translated letters, Heydi would provide updates on what she was learning in school. In turn, we would send letters to Heydi, along with small birthday and Christmas presents. We developed a wonderful relationship over the years.

Now here is the real beauty of this story. When we entered into this relationship to sponsor a child, it was with the expectation that we would support this little girl, monthly, until she turned 18.  However, as a result of our sponsorship, and our prayers for Heydi and her family, we got word in 2012, when Heydi was only 14, that her family had become financially sound and would no longer need the support!

There are children in need all around the world. To sponsor a child means not only giving your monetary support, but your prayers and your love; to act with compassion. If you would like to sponsor a child, I encourage you to check out www.unbound.org. You will receive much joy for your effort.

What about those children in need closer to home? In our next reflection, we’ll address some ideas for acting with compassion for the children in our own communities. Don’t miss it!

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