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Spokes, by Deanna Klingel – Book Review

Spokes Spokes, by Deanna Klingel, a fast paced, easy to read novel, sends Kelsey Merritt and Brendon Cohen on an adventure to solve a mystery. Kelsey, a home-schooled teen, is a triathlon athlete. While cycling one afternoon with her mom, in preparation for an upcoming triathlon event, tragedy strikes. This tragedy sends Kelsey on a mission; to determine who is responsible for a hit and run accident. In her pursuit, she teams up with fellow triathlon athlete and home-school student, Brendon Cohen.

Together, these two teens, take us on a wild ride through the hills of North Carolina. We come across some unsavory characters. But, we also come across some rather funny, and down-to-earth Franciscan Friars. These Friars add a comical, yet heartwarming dimension to this wonderful story.

As I raced through this book (a real page turner), I kept asking myself, “what’s around the corner?” – literally! There were so many twists and turns. Did they know what they were getting into? Could two teenagers do what the police could not? What would happen if they got caught by the bad guys? Could they outsmart the bad guys? One must read the book to ascertain the answers to these questions. This young adult novel will enthrall any teen. I highly recommend it.

The Meaning of Spokes

Spokes is an interesting title for this book, oozing with familial love and friendship. It is an apropos title for the story, because the spokes of a bicycle wheel are what keeps the wheel together. In comparison, love and friendship keep relationships together. So, in this book, “spokes” is synonymous with love. What a great message to share with the teenager in your life!

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