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A Shepherd’s Song, A Christmas Romance- Book Review

A Shepherd's Song A Shepherd’s Song, by Janice Lane Palko, is a wonderful Christmas romance, set in snowy Pittsburgh, PA, on the campus of Three Rivers University. The lead character, Tom Shepherd, a declared atheist, finds more than romance, with Gloria Davidson, in this Christmas tale. Gloria, a devout Catholic, shines the light of true Christmas spirit directly into Tom Shepherd’s heart. What awaits him, is all that he ever desired: to love and to be loved. In the end, isn’t that what we all look for in this life: to love and be loved?

What we learn at the start of the book is that Tom and his college roommate are toy scalpers; selling an “in-demand” Christmas toy for exorbitant prices. They are trying to make enough money for a vacation in Martinique. As an atheist, Tom does not hold scruples in high regard. He, himself, has had a hard life with a mother who died when Tom was four, and a father who never expressed love for Tom. Enter Gloria Davidson into his life.

Was it by chance that they met outside the Chapel doors on campus? Or might Divine Intervention have taken place? Their difference in belief systems could be a show-stopper for any other relationship, but not for Tom and Gloria.

A Shepherd’s Song: A Witness to Faith

What we see happen throughout the book is Gloria’s witness to faith, in a God who will not disappoint. This astounds Tom, but also pinches at his curiosity. What he learns about life, through Gloria’s eyes, begins to help him heal. And he wants more of that. Yet, their reasoning for meeting is all based upon a lie.

Can Tom keep the secret about his toy scalping from Gloria and still have a relationship with her? Will their relationship survive based on withholding the truth of what he has done? Could she, no, would she still love him, if she knew the truth about him? Will Tom Shepherd be able to love and be loved? Ah, you think I’m going to give you the answers? Nope! You’ll just need to read this wonderful book, to get these answers for yourself. And this is a great time of year to read it! If you would like to get your copy of A Shepherd’s Song, click here.

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