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Seeking Mercy This Lenten Season, A “See” Change

Seeking Mercy I’ve been slowly reading the Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska; a little each week during my time in Adoration. I read a few pages and then stop to meditate on what she and Christ are communicating to me. You see, it is a story of Saint Faustina’s visions of the Lord, who instructed her on His mercy. It’s packed with a lot of great information; digestible in small bits. At this point, maybe I’ll finish the book by the end of this year! I started this book prior to the end of the Year of Mercy, because I wanted to learn more about Christ’s mercy. My Lenten mission is one of seeking mercy from Christ. Oh, am I learning a lot about His mercy!

Seeking Mercy: A “See” Change

This Lenten season has been fruitful in that I see a change occurring within me because of reading this book. I find myself seeking mercy a lot more than I had ever done in the past, and not just for myself. I find myself saying the Divine Mercy Chaplet for our country, my family and friends. And, to be honest, I must admit, that prior to reading this book, I think I can count on one hand the number of times that I said the Divine Mercy Chaplet. I am not proud of this fact. You would think that someone who profusely encourages each of you to embrace virtue would have embraced mercy herself long ago. I have always found it much easier to give mercy than to seek mercy for myself. But, as I also always say, some virtues come naturally to some people and other virtues require work.

For me, seeking mercy did not come naturally. I am working at it; from both a give and take perspective. Trying to understand the depths of Christ’s mercy seems unfathomable to me; yet I see that the font is flowing in my direction! All I needed to do was to open my heart to receive it. Join me in seeking mercy. Just take a gulp of Christ’s mercy, and let it seep down into your heart. If you are like me, you, too, will “see” yourself change – for the better!

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  • I’ve never managed to finish the Diary, but, when my husband was gravely ill, was blessed to have a friend lend me her’s, complete with highlights, dog-eared pages, and comments in the margins. It was such a precious gift! I was able to quickly find the most beautiful passages, which spoke directly to my heart.

    Kudos to you (maybe) finishing it this year! I know you will be blessed in it, and that, through that, you will bring blessings to many others!

    • Thanks Stephanie! As of this evening, I am up to pg 195! And that only places me 30% of the way through to completion! Yet, I do have the goal of reading the entire book before year end 2017, along with many other books that I’m reading simultaneously. – Peace, Ginny

  • I have not read her diary yet, but it is on my list to do in the future. I find such peace when praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

    Thanks for adding this to the 40 Days of Seeking Him link up last week. I hope you’ll hop over and considering adding another post that fits the theme of Lent or Easter preparation.

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