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Seek Virtue This Lent!

Seek Virtue

Seek Virtue this Lent!

Rather than giving up chocolate, only to devour the solid chocolate Easter Bunny on Easter Sunday, seek virtue this Lent. Rather than giving up drinking alcohol, only to pop the cork on the Champagne this Easter Sunday, seek virtue this Lent. Rather than giving up television, only to sit in front of the TV all day Easter Sunday watching your shows on demand, seek virtue this Lent.

So many times, year after year, we temporarily give up something we love as a sacrifice for Lent in remembrance of Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross. I suggest taking a different and possibly more difficult route this year. My idea will not only show Jesus how much you love Him, but you will get something from the process, rather than give something up.

Take an honest assessment of yourself regarding how well you are doing in practicing faith, hope, love, prudence, temperance, fortitude and justice. Which virtue is most greatly deficient? During the season of Lent, pray for the Holy Spirit to grace you with a sufficient amount of the virtue in need, and begin practicing it (that’s the difficult part). For me it is Fortitude: More specifically, I lose my patience too quickly, because I don’t have the strength to wait. I am going to pray for and practice patience this Lent. If you will join me, then by Easter Sunday, you and I will see ourselves in a more favorable light, a light that will continue well beyond Easter, for we will be on our way to developing virtuous habits. That’s exactly how Jesus wants us to be: more virtuous; for when we are virtuous, we are united to Jesus; we will have turned away from sin.

Are you with me this Lent? Are you up for the change? Let’s get praying now!

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5 Responses to Seek Virtue This Lent!

  • Your right. I stopped giving up ‘something’ licit temporarily, a few years back, and have been instead, temporarily increasing my prayers, sporadic fasts, and alms giving. But I have not seriously taken on my many failures of virtue. I read scriptures, Imitation of Christ, and others very prayerfully, i pray. But then go out into the world to be my usual impatient, egocentric, angry at everything little man. I never take on becoming what my holy books say I must become. I’ll follow your suggestion, and actually try being a better man, more in line with my Lord. Great advice, thanks.

    • Hi Harold:

      Thanks for following me. I hope you’ll peruse through the archives. There is a lot of good information packed in them. Any questions, just ask. Please download the Virtues Guide – Second Edition. That will definitely help in connecting the dots between scripture and taking action. Have a fruitful Lenten season! – Peace, Virginia

  • I need to give up on pride and practice humility, need to practice fortitude. Will join you and the rest of your readers in prayer for this Lenten journey. Please, pray for my son Michael – he’s having a bad time of it with his schizophrenia.

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