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Road of Virtues: Twists and Turns

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The road of virtues is not necessarily a straight path. Sometimes we take two steps forward and one step back. Sometimes we take the long road, finding out that the short-cuts weren’t worth it. Together, you and I have traveled the road of virtues for the past 20 months. In that time we have reviewed and studied every virtue in the Virtues Guide – Second Edition. In series of posts, I have defined the virtues, explained why it is important to embrace the virtues and provided suggestions for how to practice the virtues.

Now it’s time to take a turn with the website. Going forward, I will be creating posts on the virtues via the means of story-telling, opining on current events, and through the sharing of virtuous attributes of specific saints. I’ll even do some book reviews for other talented authors.

The story-telling will offer me an opportunity to branch out into creative writing, yet at the same time bring virtuous attributes to light that we can all make use of when practicing the virtues. The opining on current events will give me an opportunity to express my thoughts on the issues of the day. Sharing virtuous attributes of the saints will assist us all in moving forward toward living a more virtuous life. With any book reviews that I do, I’ll find the virtues within them and bring them forth, offering you additional examples for your virtue journey.

I hope that you will like the new approach. I am very interested in getting your feedback. What do you look forward to the most: the story-telling, opinion pieces, saint stories or book reviews?

What can you look forward to in our next reflection, as we embark down this new path? Well that’s a surprise. Tune in to find out. Don’t miss it!

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