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Return to Paradise, by Tim Speer – Book Review

Return to Paradise Return to Paradise, by Tim Speer, makes for an interesting read. David Martin, a Catholic investment banker from Dallas, Texas, is in the process of driving to his hometown in Missouri.  OOPS! His car suffers a little mishap near Spring River Missouri, requiring that he stay in town for a few days.

While in Spring River, David learns of some unsavory financial happenings in town.  Such dealings promise to make life miserable for many of the local citizens. David suspects that the action is illegal. His moral values of truth and righteousness urge his conscience to investigate the unsavory business dealings. Might there be anything he could do about it?

This book keeps you engaged. Can David rectify the situation? Does he have enough time to actually make things right for the citizens of Spring River? The scoundrels intend to make off with the citizen’s properties, as a result of massive foreclosures, in just a few days. Can he pull all of the necessary strings needed to fix a situation that seems impossible to do anything about? Will his trusted contacts come through for him and help him actually save the town? All the pieces need to fall into place in record time. In my opinion, even James Bond might have his hands full with this type of situation; “but with God, all things are possible” (Matt 19:26). Here’s where faith and trust in God show their true colors.

Having worked in banking for 36 years, I found the financial aspect of this book intriguing. As a Catholic, I found the attributes of the Catholic faith lived out as a normal course of life for David Martin. His character demonstrates courage, perseverance, loyalty and a desire for truth and justice throughout the book.

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