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Remembering My Mother

Mom and Dad DuffyMy Mother: Virginia Duffy

Today would have been my mother’s 95th birthday has she still been alive. Virginia Christesen Duffy was smart as a whip, yet only received a high school education. She’s the only person I know that would dare to complete the New York Times Sunday Puzzle in ink! I fondly remember the time my parents took me to Europe for a vacation. I was 19 years old. I took French for three years in high school, and I was ready and anxious to use it! We were in a French café, one day, looking at a menu, and when it came time to order, it was my mother, who hadn’t taken French in 37 years, who ordered for us, because she spoke better French than me!

My mother sacrificed a lot to give my siblings and me the best shot at life. I was raised at a time when women stayed at home to raise their children. Yet, the medical expenses incurred on my behalf (because of all the necessary surgeries for my clubbed feet) meant that my mom needed to go to work. She took a night job at a bank data center, so that she would be home when I got home from school. However, this meant that she wouldn’t be there in the evenings once my father got home. Somehow, she managed to be there for me when I needed her while developing a career for herself. At 63, she retired from banking as an Assistant Vice President.

My mother passed away 16 years ago. I still miss her, but I have never lost gratitude for her self-sacrificial love for me. All that my mother ever wanted for me is what God thinks is best for me. My mother did her very best to give that to me. Happy Birthday Mom! May you be resting in Christ’s Peace.

Note: This picture of my mom and dad was taken on my wedding day, almost 37 years ago! Funny thing is my mom is 58 in this picture, and I just turned 59 last week. How time flies!

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