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Remain in My Love; Love One Another

Love one anotherIn today’s Gospel from John, we hear Our Lord command us, once again, to “love one another” (John 15:17). Jesus gives this directive, yet He leaves it up to our own free will to choose to love one another, for love is a choice. Love wouldn’t be love, if it were not given and received freely, for love is a gift.

In this directive from Jesus, He is asking us to be generous with one another; to forgive, to be merciful, caring and compassionate with one another. He is asking us to treat others as He treats each of us; with a heart full of unconditional love! And when we do so, we remain in His love.

When we love one another as Jesus loves us, we give back to Jesus His love, because Christ lives within each of us. That is how we remain in His love.

The “Love One Another” Challenge

I challenge you today, to step out of your comfort zone, and express Christ’s love to someone. Give the gift of your love, and as a result, show your unconditional love for Jesus. For example:

  1. If someone expresses a kindness to you today, respond “Bless you!” This simple phrase evidences a witness to your relationship with Jesus.
  2. If someone shares some great news with you, respond “Praise be to Jesus!” This demonstrates gratitude for the gifts Jesus bestows upon us, and again witnesses to your relationship with Jesus.
  3. Find some way to serve the poor. You will be modeling Jesus’ behavior.
  4. Forgive a past hurt and reconcile yourself to the offender. Don’t let past offenses get in the way of having a loving relationship with someone. Time is short!
  5. Give someone mercy, as Christ gives you an endless amount of mercy. This is true Christian love!

Your words and actions will radiate the light of Christ, and demonstrate how to follow Christ’s command to love one another.

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