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Practicing Faithfulness


Practicing Faithfulness

I will say up front that it is easier said than done practicing faithfulness to God. He is ever faithful to us, but because of our tendency toward sin, we fail to be ever faithful to Him. To be faithful to God and to not give in to self-pride, fears and doubts, one must engage in persistent prayer, always asking for increased faith and trust in God. It is with that increased faith and trust in God that we are able to live a more virtuous life, conformed to Christ. Bottom line: Your faith must be more important to you than the temptations that pummel you each day. Never compromise at the expense of your faith.


To be willing to trust in the Lord means that you will be patient and wait for things to happen in God’s time and not according to your own calendar. Just because He doesn’t grant you what you ask for immediately, doesn’t mean that He will not grant it to you; you may just need to wait. You need to trust that the waiting period is for a good reason. In that time of waiting, count your blessings and express gratitude. If His answer is no to your request, you need to trust that the no answer is what is best for you; that He has something better in mind for you.


Let Go and Let God

If you are willing to engage in persistent prayer, count your blessings, and commit your life to living it in accordance with God’s will, then it’s time to embrace that often quoted phrase, “Let go, and let God.” Let Him show His faithfulness to you, and do His thing – guiding you in the direction He wants you to take, with you practicing faithfulness in return.


With faithfulness now in our virtues tool belt, it is time for us to take a look at our next virtue – diligence. How do we diligently act out our faith in our day-to-day lives? We address the answer to that question in our next series of reflections on the virtue of diligence. Don’t miss it!

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